First Week Of Full Time Work

Well my first week of full time work as a developer at Dark Blue Sea has finally come to an end.

And how does it feel you might ask… feels damn good.

Some of the fantastic perks of going full time over casual employment:

  1. Standard times of starting and finishing work (9 – 5 is the bees knees baby!!!)
  2. Able to give my brain a bit of exercise (self explanatory)
  3. No more domain categorization (Don’t ask)

Sure there are some things that I will miss from customer care:

  1. The giggles over some of the stylish and “amusing” emails we receive
  2. The great peeps that are fun to be around 24×7 and feel your pain/understand when you have something to get off you chest
  3. The ability to get things done during the week in the day time (I pray for Brisbane to become a 24×7 city)

Ah well, now on to bigger and better things I hope 🙂