Tori Amos

I recently lent Nat all of my Tori Amos CD’s.

It was no big deal seeing as I haven’t listened to them in a while now.

About 5 minutes after she left with them I had these sudden cravings to listen to the bewitching one.

Took me a good while to dig up my old Tori MP3 cd’s and I’ve been listening to them non stop ever since.

Listening to Tori always reminds me of school. Particularly 12th Grade where I was introduced to (at the time probably force fed) Tori by Nouf (a girl with horrifically good and often underappreciated musical tastes and always made me smile)

Just a belated thank you Nouf 😉 , If you somehow stumble across this site, drop me a line 🙂 (We always seem to loose touch)

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