Search Engine Ranking

After several weeks of annoyance with Google dropping from its listings for no apparent reason, I am happy to report that is now number 1 on Yahoo.

I noticed the Yahoo bot spidered my page a few days ago and waited a few days for the listings to update,voila today I was number 1 on the search term houmam.

At least one search engine is working the way it should 🙂

Where else can you get your required dosage of Houmam????

Take that Google 😛


I love the way this guy thinks :)

Quote :

“The expense of maintaining a Windows PC is out of hand. And I am not talking about tightly controlled environments in large enterprises where IT can dictate what the user can do.

I am talking about the PC that your mother uses. Or any person that does not care about the PC per se, but just wants to surf the Web, send some emails and keep in touch with friends. If you have a family of those to support, this can turn into a fulltime job. I have received a few dozen of the latest Windows worm today. You can no longer even install an XP machine and update it over the web, because the moment you go online it will be infected.

This shall be my resolution: I will no longer recommend any PC or help anyone who wants to run Windows. All PCs that I pass down to friends or relatives in need of support will run on Linux with me as root and the owner as a regular user. Anyone who wants to play games gets a console. Anyone who wants to buy a new machine will get a Mac. If your PC with Windows breaks, I am not interested.

I feel much better now. 🙂 ”

Source :


A Perfect Circle Live In Brisbane

I just got back from the A Perfect Circle Concert.

I am still in shock over just how damn talented and unique this band really is and the pure, raw emotion passed across in their live set.

A perfect blend of the old and the new

Its 12am now and I have to get up in 6 hours for work, off to hit the sack (after downing 3 giant cups of water and sucking down an orange frozen fruit stick)

She acts just like a nurse with all the other guys.

Kewl Stuff

Las Vegas

Just finished watching the first episode of Las Vegas and I have to admit I was pretty impressed.

Looks like there is going to be a new TV show to watch every week 🙂 next weeks episode looks especially good.

After a drought of decent programming it looks like Monday nights are finally on their way back up.

Channel surf away sailor.

Kewl Stuff

Best Valentines Day Cards ever

Right here


ESP and Work

Well it seems like the ESP (What I have been working on at work) is coming to a gradual end.

I’m relieved that allot of it has finally started working, it has been a pretty bad week.

It’s always the same, you code like hell and everything works, the second (read that nano second) its installed on another machine it opens a pandoras box of problems.

I’ve managed to get through most of them without too much trouble. There were a few close calls but hell next week I should be able to start adding more functions which should be exciting (get to flex my PHP muscles)

It’s all about the learning experience 🙂

Off to watch SVU

Keep on Coding Code Monkey.


w.bloggar and other stuff

Hello Again,

Well I am testing out this nifty little program called w.bloggar and I would seriously suggest this little app to anyone that is considering starting up their own blog (and has windows installed 🙂 )

Sure it takes away all the 1337 skillz involved in writing your own html but hell it sure saves me alot of time!

In other news Gary has picked himself up a nifty new GBA SP which has left me foaming at the mouth.

Oh I just cant wait for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles to hit stores…..Its going to be sooo good….

Ah well, must be patient. Off to play Mario Kart DD BuBye

Keep those blue sparks flyin’


Photos Of Graduation are up

All the photos can now be found right over here

Quite a few didn’t come out (the ones taken during the ceremony didn’t turn out at all unfortunately)

You just have to live with what I have 😛


Graduation and some server issues

Yes yes I know that has been down the past few days. It has all been fixed up now and everything seems to be running smoothly.

On a more personal note, I graduated yesterday. A brand spanking new Masters of Information Technology to add to the pile.

I’m not a fan of graduation ceremonies but I got some pictures which I should be posting up shortly 🙂

Stay Tuned