I love the way this guy thinks :)

Quote :

“The expense of maintaining a Windows PC is out of hand. And I am not talking about tightly controlled environments in large enterprises where IT can dictate what the user can do.

I am talking about the PC that your mother uses. Or any person that does not care about the PC per se, but just wants to surf the Web, send some emails and keep in touch with friends. If you have a family of those to support, this can turn into a fulltime job. I have received a few dozen of the latest Windows worm today. You can no longer even install an XP machine and update it over the web, because the moment you go online it will be infected.

This shall be my resolution: I will no longer recommend any PC or help anyone who wants to run Windows. All PCs that I pass down to friends or relatives in need of support will run on Linux with me as root and the owner as a regular user. Anyone who wants to play games gets a console. Anyone who wants to buy a new machine will get a Mac. If your PC with Windows breaks, I am not interested.

I feel much better now. 🙂 ”

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