Slow Week

It has been a very slow week.

Work has been good, finally got allot of features and fixed several bugs in the ESP, I think everyone is generally happy with it (spare a few annoying bugs I cant put my finger on)

Me and Rod finished up the Tivo this week as well. The old image crashed never to start again so I hopped onto oztivo and found that it was a known issue and a fresh new image was waiting for me to download (which I gladly did). The pal tuner tivo has now been running for a good 3 days without any noticeable hitches (well one annoyance but I will look into fixing that during the weekend)

Today was a good day at work, we are moving office so good bye to nice views and hello brand spanking new office space. Its much closer to the train and looks pretty kewl (for the blank empty space so far, the furniture and comps should be in over the weekend (go Gary and Billy). It was also office curry night, much curry to be had for all 🙂

Will be good to get into the new working environment on Monday (apart from the fact that we have to hand in our self evaluation sheets eeek)

I am also hooked on the brilliant new cgi sci fi show called Tripping the rift (adult humour warning) what a crack up 🙂

And with that I leave you with a compulsory quote from office space regarding evaluations.

Bob Slydell: What would you say ya do here?
Tom Smykowski: Well look, I already told you! I deal with the goddamn customers so the engineers don’t have to! I have people skills! I am good at dealing with people! Can’t you understand that? What the hell is wrong with you people?


On yet another side note

After being spidered twice by the almighty google bot over the weekend it appears that is now happily sitting at position number three for the keyterm houmam 🙂


Things of Excitement

Well today I got my Lee Mack tickets in the mail. Its for this Saturday (the Brisbane leg of his tour actually starts tonight but we decided to go to the last show so Nat could come too) Should be a laugh.

I have finally found someone to go to Incubus with so it looks like that is going to happen YEY!!! (That is if there are any tickets left)

There are quite a few good shows coming to town so the next few months are looking good 🙂

On another note I’ve started the legendary Tivo Pal Mod (removing the NTSC tuner on one of the Tivo boards and and replacing it with a Pal Tuner.) So far it’s looking good (We haven’t plugged it in yet and there is still one major step to be completed) but fingers crossed we don’t do any major damage, who would have thought that soldering off something the size of a large ant could be so difficult?????

Yep exciting stuff indeed ……


What happened to the wind?

I would like a little breeze mother nature….Not gusts of wind or freak showers, JUST A BREATHE OF FRESH AIR!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD A LIGHT BREEZE!!!

Its so hot and still in my room, I could scream…Or watch The Tick which I just picked up on DVD this weekend 🙂

Mother Nature is a cruel mistress indeed.


Nothing To Report

What more can I say?

Its been a pretty uneventful week, apart from work I’ve been working on my new side project.

I am back onto a home media box.

So far I’ve been experimenting with Slackware and I have to say I am very very impressed so far. I’m trying to get my dxr3 to work on the box (which I am this close [ ] to getting working) then I’m off to get freevo up and running.

I managed to get all the parts needed for the tuner conversion for my Tivo, so now it should have a fully operational pal tuner installed.

I need to get into hobbies not involving computers and electronics.