Updates Galore

Well after the great battle of the garage door and the electric garage opener thing, I decided to sit down and update some of the stuff on my site.

The gallery has now been updated to Gallery v1.4.3-RC2 and its dependencies have been updated too, I don’t really like the black style for gallery but hell it will do for now (updated the blog theme to match it but There is still more work to be done)

All in all a pretty productive half hour 🙂

Ah and for all the people who have asked about my evaluation, it went very well and you will all be happy to know that I will be staying on as a full time software developer at Dark Blue Sea (it was not as short lived as I expected, hurrah!)

I’m the lead singer of my band, I get all the girl’s to take off their underpants……MY SALSA

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This looks a little too much like Gary’s site now (except you don’t have the lingering smell that his does). 😛

Also, how much do 4-day weekends rock! 😀

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