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Chanel Cole 2nd Audition Song

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Ha! I’m famous. Although I made a little mistake. Should be:

“Donde no hubo sol para nosotros, ciegame, mata mi corazon en nuestra alcoba azul”

“Where there was no sun for us, blind me, kill my heart in our blue alcove”

– Rodrigo a.k.a. the Spanish-knowing friend

Hi, thanks for getting those two auditions up. Will you be putting more of Chanel’s auditions online? It’d be great if you could put up her group audtition and her ‘pretty boy’ one too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hey Gren,

Yes I am in the process of uploading those clips but the gallery doesnย’t seem to like me uploading them (I’ve been trying to get them up for about three days now)

As soon as they are up I will let everyone know ๐Ÿ˜‰

hey houmam, im posting this here cause this other forum didn’t wanna register me, some javascript error…but i really wanted to say this:

i love you chanel, however, i fear that bmg are going to do to you what they did to guy. i fear they’re just gonna turn you into a tool, just a ‘singer’ to sing the crap they call music. guy’s album was soooo disappointing. he is such a talented musician, i hope his second album has more os ‘his’ soul and not someone elses.
i hope bmg give you the chance to be who you really are to the fullest.
u’ll have my vote all the way
good luck tonight, ur the only reason im watching!

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