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Ani Difranco

I was watching a great documentary about the war on Iraq yesterday on SBS (I will try and find out what it was called, I only started watching half way through)

At the end there was this track of spoken verse to a funky jazzy riff. I waited till the end and jotted down the artist and the song.

The artist was Ani Difranco and the track was called “Self Evident”.

You can download the MP3 by clicking here Ani Difranco – Self Evident.

I love music that has a message and is delivered in an interesting/original manner.

You can check out the site for more info about this very interesting artist.

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oooh… I love Ani. If you want more political/social commentary songs of hers, go and download: Not A Pretty Girl, The Million You Never Made, In or Out, Grand Canyon and Tiptoe.

Yes, AniD is way cool isn’t she? I discovered her a few years back, one of my neighbours had one of her “best of AniD” or something like that albums… And then later on heard Alanis Morisette and everyone was making such a big fuss about how cool she was and I was thinking “AniD Been There, AniD Done That, AniD Rocks On” 🙂

I don’t understand how I could have possibly missed her?

I’ll definitely check out those tracks you suggested Matt, thanks for the heads up 🙂

Might keep an eye out a Best Of Ani D next time I’m at JB Hifi 😉 (having fun overseas Fook?)

Not 100% on the name of that album, but it was a twin-CD pack, with a grey cover.

Fun? Yes. But am annoyed I missed Inside Idol the other day (apparently it was pretty good, House Party and all that, and more Chanel :p), and also annoyed I’ll be missing the first Finals, N-E-E-D more Chanel 🙂 Would also like to see how Courtney goes, and I think Daniel B. is singing You Were There by Southern Sons, I used to really like that song… Oh well, too bad. Unless someone feels like recording it for me 😀

Oh well, food here in MARVELOUS 😀

Yeh dude, I think the name of the docco you were watching was “Soundtrack to War” which was all about the music that was created in post-Saddam Iraq by the Iraqis as well as by the US soldiers during the Invasion. It was aired on ABC on Wednesday night. Some really cool (and disturbing) footage of Troops blowing the shit out of stuff while listening to Tupac and Rammstein. A part of this Documentary was also shown on F-911. The documentary was done by an Aussie and if it isnt the same docco you are talking about I’d suggest getting your hands on it to watch. The good part about it is that it(finally) isnt politically biased so it doesnt give anyone the chance to get up on their soapbox.

Hey Guys,

Ani is massive.. i have 12 out of her 17 albums.. i think she has released more.. but i absolutely adore her.. I saw her when she was in Melbourne at a Blues festival fantastic.. and i saw her a few years before that..

I’m No Heroine, 32 Flavours, Untouchable Face, Self Evident, You Had Time (a beautiful song lol).. Fuel, Falling Is Like This, Dog Coffee…

lol look guys i can go on.. i just love her.. i am trying to get the other 5 i am missing.. dont think i am going to have much luck =(
But for the others.. HMV on Burke Street (Melbourne City) and Sanity stores stock her.. so check it out..

— Chelly

p.s. Dont you love the song Chanel is going to perform tonight? Propellerheads & Shirley Bassey- History Repeating.. love it!! She’s picked my two fav’s so far.. Portishead.. and now this!

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