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The Top 50 Covers Of All Time

Let me start by saying I am a lover of covers. Some people hate them outright, I usually give them a chance. Most of the time I grow to love them, sometimes more than the originals.

I managed to get my hands on 49 of the top 50 covers of all time as shown here which I found over at Jaymis‘s

The only track I am missing :

Wichita Lineman by Dennis Brown

This track does not seem to exist anywhere.

Who knew that “Hazy Shade of Winter” by the Bangles was actually a cover!!!! A cover of a song by Simon & Garfunkel no less!!!!

I’ll tell ya some of these tracks brought back so many memories, I cant remember the last time I listened to The House Martin’s “Caravan of Love”.

Such great songs.

6 replies on “The Top 50 Covers Of All Time”

Hey how do you know Jamis?
Weird. This city is way too small!!

PS- I’ve always loved Bodyjar’s cover of “Hazy Shade..”, but I need to get my hands on the Bangles version!

Jaymis used to work at Dark Blue Sea (in customer care where I used to be) but waaaay before I actually started there.

I have never met him so I don’t really know him, I only know him from his blog 🙂

I found his site when I was researching stuff for the job at DBS and its been on my list of regularly browsed blogs ever since.

True Story.

The BodyJar cover is on heavy rotation on my itunes playlist at the moment. I need to get my hands on the Simon & Garfunkel version 🙂

Hahahhahahahhaha shit. Maybe I do still have it.

As for your heart, I needed it as a replacement when mine BROKE. It’s a little faulty, but still alright, so you can’t have it back.
Sorry, hon.

All this talk of breakups and broken hearts doesnt get me any closer to acquiring said track.

So ladies, just kiss and make up and get me that damn CD!!!!

Tout suite!!!

(*snaps fingers to the beat of John Coltrane’s cover of My Favourite Things*)

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