Going back to my roots

Well I’ve nearly decided.

As many of you know I have been considering picking up a Mac of some description for myself for about a year now.

I have finally decided that I would CONSIDER picking up the iBook 12″ laptop. This is the lowest of the low when it comes to the Apple Laptop line up. However it is Small and still beefy enough to do all sorts of funky things (only down side is it doesn’t come with a burner, but since I am probably getting a DVD burner for my home computer I doubt that would be much of a problem)

The only problem I have is that I will not buy one until I see one.

I went into Infinite Systems on Friday (they close at 5:30 so I ran on the strike of 5 from work with Wayne) and unfortunately not a 12″ iBook to be seen. The reason….they don’t have any left, they are all sold out.

“DAMN IT” I cried as I reached for the heavens and cursed Apple’s name. There wasn’t any time to goto the NextByte store in the city.

This Monday during lunch I will go check it out. If it gets my thumbs up I will MOST LIKELY be getting one.

I was pretty much raised on Apple until my last few years in Abu Dhabi just over 6 years ago (from my humble upbringings on our Apple ][ to our shiny Macintosh LC). I got frustrated with the fact that I couldn’t play any of the latest games and that there really wasn’t any software for it (read that games again 🙂 )

Right now I look at OS X as something that I would love to get my greasy little fingers on. Sleek looking design and an OS that just bloody works. I don’t play as many PC games as I used to (my Gamecube has filled that little hole in my life up nicely). I just want something that I can use at peoples houses, watch DVDs, listen to music, send email, browse the net and probably some experimental coding on.

Its sad to think that all I crave now is a working operating system and portability (so many false promises as I was growing up about what Operating Systems would be like today)

OS X and the iBook 12″ laptop seems to offer the most bang for my buck and I pretty much cry every time I look at anything based on their new upgrade to the OS (due out later this year) called Tiger. Based on the success of this experiment it might even push me to pick up one of the newly announced Mac Mini’s.

So who knows come Monday I will probably have made my decision.

Then hopefully people will stop yelling at me all the time to just make up my mind and either get one or shut up about it 🙂

I am the most indecisive person in the world when it comes to buying tech.

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