All that is Apple

My first post from the latest addition to our computer family “Olimar”

Yep you guessed it, I got my iBook this afternoon. My lord it is one sexy piece of equipment.

So much to try out and learn. Ah…its like a breathe of fresh air.

I am not going to sit here and brag while others suffer. All I will say is that this will definitely keep my interests up for a while 🙂

Update :

Gallery of the virgin birth is now available here, big thanks to Aaron for the quick thinking of taking photos ( I was waaaaayyy too busy with the surgery of getting the box open to even think about photos 😉 )

3 thoughts on “All that is Apple”

  1. What the?
    So insulted! you didnt even write anything about New Years bro… I slave over a hot cocktail shaker and Blender to bring you lavish Shirley Temples and I dont even rate a mention? Dissapointed david.

    Have you got any idea how muddy it is over here right now? I ran outta Aeroguard two days ago…. God I hope these Anti-malarial drugs work.

  2. You are right Sera, its not on. This year I neglected to post both a new years eve and christmas update.

    Please dont take this as an insult but direct proof that I am in fact a useless bastard 🙂

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