A Simple Fact

Sporks own Splades…..nuff said


Sofa And Bjork

Oh lord I have to have found one of the greatest apps for music on the mac EVAR!!!

Sofa is quite simply the best Itunes remote I have seen (quite a few that i tried are no longer supported). If you have a Mac and use Itunes (what else are you going to use) I would definately recommend checking it out.

On another side note Bjorks latest album Medulla is a work of art that I have not been able to stop listening to since Rhiannon managed to get off her ass and pass on.

If you are into Bjork in any way shape or form you should check it out (It took me a while but I got to listening to it eventually)


Coming to you live from a wireless Olimar

I managed to get Olimar up and running on the wireless network.

No effort whatsoever involved in this feat.

Sadly both my windows machine and the tivo do not want to recognise the wireless network anymore all I added was a dhcp server to allocate IP’s rather than assigning static IP’s and now neither of the boxes seem to respond properly.

Olimar on the other hand was more than up to the challenge.

I think the tivo may have to go back to a static IP for the time being. I will spend one more day trying to get the tivo reconnected to the wireless network (I am not overly concerned about the windows box as it is dying a slow gruesome death and the wireless drivers are shitty as all hell)

I grow more and more fond of Olimar by the day.