Email Number 2

Well its been an hour so I thought I would email Yellow just in case.

Hey Yellow,

Just emailed Red.

Sadly he hasn’t got back to me.

I need to know where to get Dark Side M&M’s from.

I’m going to see Revenge of the Sith in about an hour and those Dark Side M&M’s would go great with the movie.

I sure hope Lord Vader didnt hurt Red too bad, I’m worried.

Get back to me dude.

Fingers crossed I get a reply this time.


Dark Side M&M’s

2 hours till everyone at works goes to see Star Wars : Revenge Of The Sith. I still cant find a place that sells the new Dark Side M&M’s (dark chocolate instead of milk)

So I sent an email through to Red at the M&M’s website.

Dear Red

Where can I buy Dark Side M&M’s from, please get back to me in the next two hours as I am going to see the new Star Wars movie at 4pm.


Heres to hoping he gets back to me in time.