They never got back to me.

I managed to find these so called “Dark Side M&M’s” at Kmart.

They are crunchy M&M’s with Star Wars type prints on them.

To say I am disappointed is an understatement.

Down right MAD would probably be the right term to use.

1) I am MAD because the Ad lied to me. They are not Dark Chocolate.
2) I am MAD because neither Red nor Yellow got back to me in time for me to avoid the hassles of walking around a shopping centre asking people for Dark Side M&M’s
3) I am MAD because I used to love the Dark Side Ad on TV and now every time I see it I am reminded of the grave injustice that has befallen me.

To say that what happened to Anakin when he fell to the Dark Side is nothing in comparison to what Red & Yellow and the collective M&M’s crew have done to me.

I died a little on the inside yesterday.