Cleaning Up And Packing Up

I’ve started packing my stuff to go off to London, leaving in about 8 hours to Dubai, then from there fly off to London.

The past week has been a blast from the past. Caught up with quite a few friends who I haven’t seen in 6-7 years.

I went for coffee and to a few clubs in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi and it was just a continuos wave after wave of people who I used to know or goto school with. Then there was Dhabia’s wedding which had an insane amount of our old family friends. All good nights and all very surreal.

I unfortunately am no longer in the running for longest time away (Youssef Hayek now holds the title sitting firmly at over 7 years) I am extremely disappointed in myself and the people who encouraged me to come back, but life goes on.

Currently in the process of pruning through and clearing up all the stuff I packed before I left Abu Dhabi those 6 and a bit years ago. The memories that flood back just picking stuff up sometimes is pretty overwhelming.

So far I have found two real items that are definitely coming back with me.

My chocolate tin with all my letters from friends and pen pals from school (yes I had pen pals and yes I used to write letters too, jesus i feel old)
My own personal year book thingie (Really it doesn’t have a name it was simply a school copy book that I got people to write in at the end of ever school year. This book eventually grew to about 3 copy books as the years went by and has probably been the funniest thing I’ve read in ages)

No doubt there will be a lot more stuff that I will bring back but those are definitely in the bag to come back.

Right time to get back to sorting.

P.S. Spanky wanted me to say he is having a laugh and says Hi to all.

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Good to hear that you are having a blast, Houmam. I j..huh?…hang a sec…I think theres an A@# in the back-yard drinking out of the tap again…Hey MAAAA!!!!!!

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