Coming To You Live From Helens House

WOOOO internet. The Morgan family have kindly invited me to hang about with them this weekend so its time for some well deserved R&R.

I am alive and well and having a blast in nodnoL.

I should be making my way up to Hull then Middlesbrough by early next week (which should be fun)

I hate you all for going to Wil Andersons secret show and I hate Team Sleep for touring Australia while I am not there.

Me == ultra peeved.

At least I have finally found and successfully drank about 4-5 cans of Tizer which I have discovered is simply red coloring with fizzy water that stains (seriously thats all it says on the can). I relive my childhood with every sip of that tooth rotting drink it really is that good.

Ta Ta for now

2 thoughts on “Coming To You Live From Helens House”

  1. har har, you missed out on the best night EVER!!!! serves you right for going overseas and having a great month holiday.

    come on, is that the best you can do? what else have you been doing!!! stories, i want stories.

  2. When are you coming home!!! the tivo and dvd aren’t working 🙁 its very sad… and btw i think its incredibly lame that to keep in contact with you or make sure your alive, i’m being resorted to checking your website and now leaving messages on it. So dear brother i think its time you called, or emailed your little sister you left and pretend to care!

    and btw don’t forget to bring the monster munch, or i’ll be the biggest pain in the ass to live with and you’ll wish you never came back

    miss you

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