Dolphins Are Gay Sharks

—–^ Best T-Shirt Slogan Evar!!!!!

Saw that one on my treks through Camden Markets in London.

Yes I am back in Abu Dhabi, its hot, its dusty and I am full of food.

The room is pretty much unpacked and I have separated the stuff I want from the stuff I no longer want. Slowly but surely I will start receiving these pieces of my youth though my and family members bags as the years go by.

Its been pretty good going though my stuff. I laughed, I cried, I wondered why I kept alot of it and I regret getting rid of alot of it but there is just not enough room back in the house in Brisbane.

I got alot of pictures from London which I will be uploading in the next few days.

The trip was great I had heaps of fun and bought lots of goodies. Sadly my package from Amazon didn’t get to me on time so it will be sent through to Australia by my Uncle when it finally gets there (hopefully shortly after I get back)

Me and Spanky parted ways in London, he is now off to our hosts in the US where he will meet up with Billy and go around with him on his travels and then off to the Tokyo Expo.

It was sad to see him go since he was my travel buddy throughout the trek. Introducing him to all my friends and family was an experience I shall always cherish. Its just not the same without his eyes watching over me while I sleep.

Right enough of all this sentimental stuff its time to head off to bed, nite all.