Cant Sleep So Heres My Trip To Sydney Story

Right its 5:30AM I’ve been up for about an hour now.

I’d say its a mixture of jetlag and lack of wanting to sleep for various reasons.

Sydney was awesome. I clocked off work after lunch and ran home to pack my bags and get everything ready for the flight down (yes I left everything to the last few hours as usual)

Zena, Mona, Nadia and I all managed to get to the flight on time and in typical fashion I was the only person to get stopped for a “random” bag inspection for explosives.

The flight was good. Started with a game of sudoku (which is my new brain heroin, I even have a sudoku dashboard widget on my ibook) and pretty much slept the rest of the way much to Nadias annoyance.

We got to Sydney to be greeted by Tamar (who from now on will be referred to as “The Host With The Most” or Tim Edwards) Dumped all our stuff in his house and went out to check out sydney.

The first stop was Opera Bar which was totally funky and got to meet all of the host with the mosts buddies and pals. Then off to the Tank which was a two level dance club). We managed to rock in by about 6AM which was pretty decent since I had a wedding to get to at 3pm.

Since that was the main reason for me being in Sydney it was important that I focused on that. Right??? Well guess who messed up and wound up showing 15 minutes late. Yep thats right me. Through my disorganization and misunderstanding of the geography of Sydney I left everything to the last minute and managed to miss half of what was a nice, small, cozy ceremony that really didn’t need me blundering in half way trying to find Mannys girlfriend in the rows because I was supposed to be keeping her company as she didn’t know anyone there. ARGH.

As I mentioned the wedding was lovely and nothing went horrifically wrong, they even had a Bag Piper WOOOTTTTT.

So now we had to kill time till the reception. So i insisted before we do anything we get a Liquid Mars from this cafe I know of round the corner. I love that drink so much I even took a photo of it the last time I was in Sydney. Then off to Manny’s womans friends house.

As you can see I keep referring to her as Mannys Girlfriend this is not because I dont know her name, far from it I can say her name, I even know how to pronounce it properly but I’ll be damned if I can remember how to spell it. She even admitted herself that it is a made up spelling of the name so its 100% original so until I get the proper spelling expect to see the words Manny’s followed by woman, girlfriend, wench, parlor maid, bedchamber lady alot when referring to her)

—–^ Others may be offended by what i just said there but I think of it to be very polite and mature way of handling the situation. I’m sure Manny and his side kick will appreciate it. I hope.

So yeah on with the story. Reception was great, lovely speeches, great food, good company (both Manny and his butler were great company) with many laughs to be had by all.

After the reception it was off to the Cherri Jam to meet up with the sisters (I mean that in the sister as in relation way and sisters and in the female crew way, we are all sisters at heart…..It’s early leave me alone.) All three of us got there and the rest were running late and it was FREEZING. Then we found out it was only for people who prebooked to get in earlier. I panicked and called the Host with the Most and he had already handled that because we were already on the guest list but we needed him to be there (this is why he’s called the host with the most you see he knows stuff like this)

Eventually the others arrived and we had to queue for about an hour because there were too many people inside and we were supposed to be there an hour earlier. What was supposed to be 20 people in our group turned out to be over 30 but The Host managed to weasel them all in sure enough because that is what he does.

There were several occasions that we nearly lost Manny and his Pet Parrot to the cold (wanting to go home because they couldn’t take it) but they stuck it out and made it in with us. Thankfully they did.

The Cherri Jam was quite possibly one of the best clubs I’ve been to in ages. Latest house tracks with a live drummer and live saxophone. This combination made me want to just funk all night and find a Jazz or Sax club in Brisbane ASAP (any suggestions) by the end of the night I was screaming “MORE SAX IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY PLEASE MORE SAX” (I can hear you chuckling from here). I will definitely have to check that out if Im ever down in Sydney again.

6:10AM need to be up for work soon. MMM breakfast be back in a sec.

ARGH 3 packets of cornflakes with about a thimble full of flakes left. Ah well settled for Bagels.

Right so where was I, dont worry the story is nearly over.

Sunday was a very windy/dark day. We went to a market that wasn’t open on Sundays (Who would have though it was only a Saturday market?). Then went to the Fox studios shopping area thing where i bought crap loads of CD’s. After all that we went off for Dinner then I got dropped off at Sydney Domestic Airport where I was greeted with a delayed flight ARGH!

I rocked in at home at about 1AM and had to clock inn at work the next morning so I crashed out and managed to wake up at 4:30AM and so started the present vicious cycle of sleep depravation which i believe I am faring through pretty well considering.

Question sleep people, we dont really need it. Its when the overlords come and you know (*makes gestures with hands*) you.

So there you go my latest boring mundane blog entry (or as Rhiannon likes to point out “ITS NOT A BLOG ITS A WASTE OF SPACE SINCE YOU DONT TALK ABOUT ANYTHING IMPORTANT AT ALL ONLY M&M’S, SPORKS AND SPLADES” yeah I was pretty insulted too since I put alot of effort into those no more than 70 word posts and Billy with his “UPDATE YOUR SITE ETC ETC ETC”)

Anyway time to gets ready for work. Photos will be up 2night hopefully and you can all laugh at how silly we are.

(*Takes a bow*)

4 thoughts on “Cant Sleep So Heres My Trip To Sydney Story”

  1. who’s that guy ‘host with the most’ ? sounds like a real dude…

    glad you had fun bro, can’t wait till the next time you’re back, just try to forget your sisters!!!!!

    thanks heaps for the presents (still have to send you faulty cds, anything else you need from here? i think zena wanted something), and for posting an article and pics, they rock!

    till next time…..

    you girly man

  2. Ma salaam alaikum!

    Houmam!! my cousin.. how are you i’m sat at home messing about on the internet and i’m on youtube noticed some blogs and thougt of you my good friend.. it then dawned on me why was i wasting time on tripe like this there is only one blog to be browsed and that is “la casa de houmam!!” (we love this sh*t)

    How are you keeping down in the land of oz? hows the family mum dad sis’s???? just though i’d say hi sorry i missed hi five a muslim day that sh*t most definately will kick off globally! your one crazy cat thats for sure.

    how are things with you then you married/dating? or just teasing them all? ha…

    write back soon buddy it would be nice to hear from you guys!!

    tell all i said hi and send my love!!


  3. oh yeah it might help if i say who i am?? if you cant decipher who it is from my email address its cousin Jawad (UK) !

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