Well its been another year. I have just got back from a good night out with Manny. We went to what was once the usual place to be for us, Dolce in Milton and we remembered.

Its sad to think that this blog has pretty much turned into what I always hoped it wouldn’t. What I once thought was a great idea has sadly lost its way over the last year or so. For various reasons I just have not felt like I should update at all. When I look at it I am only reminded of what we once had.

I still remember being excited about registering the domain with John and finally having a space online where I can put everything that I get asked for all the time (we were geeks through and through). We had such a common interests that at times it was scary. When we would always argue or discuss various things, we could go on explaining things and filling in each others gaps in their knowledge of a particular subject for hours (and if we didn’t know we found out). The rants and raves were always flying around. I miss that the most.

I think it is time that this gets updated and as of today I have made a promise to myself that it will. It shouldn’t be a place where it gets updated simply to remember the passing of a great friend.