PostgreSQL 9.0

I have been working in a LAPP (Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL, PHP) shop since March.

A lot of my time has been spent migrating the existing PostgreSQL 8.0 database(which will no longer be supported) to 8.4. Needless to say this has took quite some time as there have been several significant changes in that time (PostgreSQL 8.2 introduced some tighter cast requirements, which were murder to iron out of the code base)

We are still in the process of testing but no sooner had most of the bugs been ironed out the Beta cycle for PostgreSQL 9.0 was announced. So now I am runing 3 versions of the database and the 8.4 cycle may be jumped altogether to get all the benefits that will be introduced in 9.0.

A great resource provided by the PostgreSQL team can be located here. If you don’t feel like reading the whole thing then I would recommend the “The two features you can’t ignore” section.

Fun Times!


Its been a while!

Upgrading and cleaning up the site (Tried to use a lifestream system but it seemed a bit spammy)

You can now click through to my lifestream on a dedicated page which you can find the link to up there —^

So here we go again! Enjoy 🙂