PostgreSQL 9.0

I have been working in a LAPP (Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL, PHP) shop since March.

A lot of my time has been spent migrating the existing PostgreSQL 8.0 database(which will no longer be supported) to 8.4. Needless to say this has took quite some time as there have been several significant changes in that time (PostgreSQL 8.2 introduced some tighter cast requirements, which were murder to iron out of the code base)

We are still in the process of testing but no sooner had most of the bugs been ironed out the Beta cycle for PostgreSQL 9.0 was announced. So now I am runing 3 versions of the database and the 8.4 cycle may be jumped altogether to get all the benefits that will be introduced in 9.0.

A great resource provided by the PostgreSQL team can be located here. If you don’t feel like reading the whole thing then I would recommend the “The two features you can’t ignore” section.

Fun Times!


Its been a while!

Upgrading and cleaning up the site (Tried to use a lifestream system but it seemed a bit spammy)

You can now click through to my lifestream on a dedicated page which you can find the link to up there —^

So here we go again! Enjoy 🙂


Migration Complete!

Finally migrated the domain to my new host! Woot! The quick change in DNS caught me off guard, still not sure what I am goign to do about the gallery though…hmmmm


Picture From Pauls Show

Heres a pic of Rhiannon, Alezeia and I at Pauls art show 🙂




It is now nearing midnight on a school night. I am wide awake ingesting the extjs library. I have wanted to play with all the up and coming javascript libraries (mootools, jquery etc.) for quite some time now and today I managed to come up with a way to sneak it into one of the products I support and develop at work. A nice hot cup of tea, The Cure playing in the background and pummeling your way through several example files on how to implement a paging grid using extjs. I ask you, is there anything better than this?


My life in summary!

Two posts in one day I hear you scream! Why yes. In my new attempt to keep the site up and running I thought I would let you in on what has been going on in my life as of late.

I finally entered the housing market a year ago as of last month, it took quite some time but the end result has been pretty swell.

I have been to quite a few shows over the past year highlight of which would definitely be Editors

I have just (within the last five minutes) finished Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman which I really enjoyed (no I have not got to the latest from Iain Banks but it is on my list!)

I have not seen alot of movies that I would classify as decent lately

I finally got onto facebook and I now consider it a full time job

More Updates to follow



Well its been another year. I have just got back from a good night out with Manny. We went to what was once the usual place to be for us, Dolce in Milton and we remembered.

Its sad to think that this blog has pretty much turned into what I always hoped it wouldn’t. What I once thought was a great idea has sadly lost its way over the last year or so. For various reasons I just have not felt like I should update at all. When I look at it I am only reminded of what we once had.

I still remember being excited about registering the domain with John and finally having a space online where I can put everything that I get asked for all the time (we were geeks through and through). We had such a common interests that at times it was scary. When we would always argue or discuss various things, we could go on explaining things and filling in each others gaps in their knowledge of a particular subject for hours (and if we didn’t know we found out). The rants and raves were always flying around. I miss that the most.

I think it is time that this gets updated and as of today I have made a promise to myself that it will. It shouldn’t be a place where it gets updated simply to remember the passing of a great friend.


Dust Off

Its time to get this site up and running again, we are back on track!


To John



Hi Five A Muslim Day

Well Tuesday was High Five A Muslim Day (as shown on the Ronnie Johns Half Hour)

I managed to score myself a sweet shirt from the online store only to find out that I won the competition I entered a few days previously.

So I wound up getting the two available designs for the cost of one (Absolutely awesome, thanks to Dan Illic on the show for the free shirt!)

I have also made it on the official site in the High Five A Muslim Gallery with the alot of familiar looking DBS staff and of course Spanky made an appearance as well…oooh that monkey gets about alright 🙂