ESP and Work

Well it seems like the ESP (What I have been working on at work) is coming to a gradual end.

I’m relieved that allot of it has finally started working, it has been a pretty bad week.

It’s always the same, you code like hell and everything works, the second (read that nano second) its installed on another machine it opens a pandoras box of problems.

I’ve managed to get through most of them without too much trouble. There were a few close calls but hell next week I should be able to start adding more functions which should be exciting (get to flex my PHP muscles)

It’s all about the learning experience 🙂

Off to watch SVU

Keep on Coding Code Monkey.


w.bloggar and other stuff

Hello Again,

Well I am testing out this nifty little program called w.bloggar and I would seriously suggest this little app to anyone that is considering starting up their own blog (and has windows installed 🙂 )

Sure it takes away all the 1337 skillz involved in writing your own html but hell it sure saves me alot of time!

In other news Gary has picked himself up a nifty new GBA SP which has left me foaming at the mouth.

Oh I just cant wait for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles to hit stores…..Its going to be sooo good….

Ah well, must be patient. Off to play Mario Kart DD BuBye

Keep those blue sparks flyin’


Photos Of Graduation are up

All the photos can now be found right over here

Quite a few didn’t come out (the ones taken during the ceremony didn’t turn out at all unfortunately)

You just have to live with what I have 😛


Graduation and some server issues

Yes yes I know that has been down the past few days. It has all been fixed up now and everything seems to be running smoothly.

On a more personal note, I graduated yesterday. A brand spanking new Masters of Information Technology to add to the pile.

I’m not a fan of graduation ceremonies but I got some pictures which I should be posting up shortly 🙂

Stay Tuned


Tori Amos

I recently lent Nat all of my Tori Amos CD’s.

It was no big deal seeing as I haven’t listened to them in a while now.

About 5 minutes after she left with them I had these sudden cravings to listen to the bewitching one.

Took me a good while to dig up my old Tori MP3 cd’s and I’ve been listening to them non stop ever since.

Listening to Tori always reminds me of school. Particularly 12th Grade where I was introduced to (at the time probably force fed) Tori by Nouf (a girl with horrifically good and often underappreciated musical tastes and always made me smile)

Just a belated thank you Nouf 😉 , If you somehow stumble across this site, drop me a line 🙂 (We always seem to loose touch)


New Blog Added To Blog Roll

Please welcome Amita’s Blog to my fine Blog Roll.

If you would care to check out you might learn something you never knew before or just be amused by the rants and ravings of a mad woman.

Because of my high google ranking (now at position 3, boy can I taste that number 1 position) I thought I would share the love and link her up to send her some affordable and highly targeted traffic (oh oh work persona is taking over, must resist)

I can smell colors.



Yes there is friends season marathon thing on Arena TV and I have to say that Monica is by far the most annoying character on the show.

The 2 episodes that I watched (yes I lasted through two episodes) I just wanted to jump in and slap some sense into her.


That should be the gag for about oooh lets say 15 minutes NOT EVERY SINGLE EPISODE, NOW LETS MOVE ON!!!!!!!!

I feel much better now.

Over and Out.


New Phone

Well I’ve had a pretty busy week, lots to do at work and quite a few things to do outside of work.

Nadia (my sister) just got back from Abu Dhabi and brought back a new phone for me. My dad picked up a nifty second hand i-mate smartphone (or to those in the know a QTEK 7070).

I have to say so far I am impressed, it runs smoothly, looks good (no bigger than my 3210) and has heaps more features than the old phone did.

At the moment I’m tinkering with the gamboy emulator which seems to be partially working (I get the games startup sequence but little else after that)

Just a short update for now, will be posting some more journeys to and from work on the 9-5 circuit shortly 🙂

But for now its back to the lab.


8AM commuters

Sometimes I just wish I carried video camera or tape recorder to journal the continuous bombardment of stupidity I experience while going in to work this past week and a half.

Ever since I went full time I have been catching the 8AM train into work and I have to say there is a big difference between the 6AM commuters and the 8AM commuters.

The 6AM commuters are more laid back and when travelling in groups tend to not talk to one another at near inaudible levels.

The 8AM commuters however…..


Mobile Phone

Its that time, the 3210 just doesnt seem to cut it anymore (in the battery department that is)

Either I need to get a new phone or a new battery.

The new phone idea is looking more and more appealing.