End of the month

Well its the end of the Month of August (in a few hours anyway)

This month I have received over 6000 visits (probably 99% of which is from people looking for Chanel Cole)

To everyone that has posted a link to my site over the past few weeks, thank you.

I look forward to bring you guys more Chanel Cole goodness as soon as she comes back to our TV screens 🙂

Thanks again for making this one of the most fun and exciting months at houmam.com, feel free to stop by the forum and say hello 🙂

Its good to be back…..

Everything has been moved over to the new server.

A few hiccups here and there, but nothing Gary and I couldn’t handle.

Everything should be back to normal now. I had to update a few config files and I decided to upgrade the Gallery to the latest release while I was at it.

Please let me know if you see or find anything “wrong” with the site 🙂

Big thanks to Gary for all the hard work hes put into making the move as smooth as possible.

Something Awful

Well it looks like I have finally made it (*we’re kids incorporated…..ahem*)

After viewing my logs this morning it seems that someone has put a link to my site on the Something Awful Forums, namely this post

Today is a good day.

I have no idea why my website was posted there yet as I have to register and pay to get a membership, any of you Something Awfullers care to enlighten me 😉

Whether it be good or bad I can still hang my head high and say…..

My site was posted on forums.somethingaweful.com….what have you ever done?

Over and out.

Upgrade Complete

Right, the upgrade from movable type 2 to 3 is now complete.

I believe the site looks a lot cleaner (red on white), let me know what you guys think, no annoying popups when you want to leave a comment either (woohoo!)

Any errors or odd behavior please let me know.

Time to hit the hay, g’nite.