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Almost Famous

It looks like I am now officially “Some Guy” who likes Chanel 🙂

Thanks for the link up all at Everyone Love’s Chanel Cole

In other news someone seems to have registered, lets hope they put it to good use rather than just domain park it.

Updates : A new Chanel Cole Gallery is up, this is from Chanels second audition (I am still trying to find out the name of the song she sang, anyone out there know?)

I have also ripped the video of her singing the song which I will upload 2moro morning to the gallery.


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Chanel Cole First Audition Is Up

Hey All,

Thanks for all the kind words you guys have been leaving.

Alot of you might not have noticed yet but Chanel Cole’s first audition is now up and can be found in the Chanel Cole Gallery

On page 2 to be precise. You will probably need to install the divx codec to play it back and it weighs in at just under 12MB (credit goes to the original capper for both the video and screen shots of that episode of Australian Idol)

Let me know if there are any problems with it.

I am currently getting the second episode she was in but its taking quite a bit of time so please be patient 🙂 (We will get there eventually!)

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Chanel Cole Audition 1

I have managed to extract Chanel’s first audition from the episode of Australian Idol. I would upload it tonight but the server seems to be having a few problems.

I will upload her singing “When I get Low I Get High” hopefully sometime 2moro morning 🙂

Seems like Inside The Idol got their news that Chanel would get into the top 30 right (Was there any doubt????)

As usual she was on top form today and you can tell she wowed the judges with both her group and solo performance. And judging by the number of hits I’ve been getting to this site since todays episode finished I guess theres allot of people who agree with me. She will also be in the first group to perform along with Anthony Callea, Ben Eaton, Courtney Murphy, Emily George, Hayley Jensen, Laurence Sorbello, Meri Bosenavulag, Ngaiire Joseph and Prinnie Stevens.

Thats all for today, until 2moro……good night.

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Chanel Cole gallery is up

Well you guys asked for it and I have done it…sort of. The Chanel Cole Gallery is up.

The grabs aren’t that great, I’m just learning how to use the image grabber and water marker etc.

Will try it out some more later this weekend.

For now you can enjoy whats there 😉

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Looks like the word is getting out :)

Just found out I’ve been linked up in a post on the Punk Planet Forums.

I’m not that obsessed with Chanel Cole (thanks Heironymous Blasengame 😉 ), I just wanted to know the song she sang for her first audition and while I was looking around for it I happened to stumble across some more information that I thought I would post on my blog. Honestly if it wasn’t for my girlfriend telling me I had to watch Chanel Cole’s Audition on Australian Idol you wouldn’t have seen any mention of her on this site.

Since that first post the amount of people visiting my blog searching for anything about Chanel Cole has gone through the roof, so I think I might help out all those fans in need.

Just goes to show how popular she really is.

I just finished downloading episode 4 of Australian Idol (Chanel’s first audition) and I should have some more stuff to put up by the end of the weekend 🙂

If there is any Chanel related news or info. you would like to send through for me to post you can email them to chanelcole at (replace the at with @ for all those not in the know 😉 ), please send me reasonably sized emails, lets not go overboard.

Till then watch this space.

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Chanel Cole Pics

These are the only two pics I could find (this ones for you Steve 😉 )

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Inside Australian Idol Unofficial Top 30

According to Inside Australian Idol Chanel has made it into the top 30 (keep in mind it is an unofficial list 🙂 )

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Chanel Cole Update

Well in the last 24 hours I have made it into a few top ten results on google (mainly for “Chanel Cole” and “Chanel Cole Australian Idol”), hey all glad you stopped by 🙂

Well it looks like Chanel made it into the top 118, heres a quote from the Australian Idol Recap.

“Someone who, in the judges’ opinion, possessed the complete package – personality and talent – was Chanel Cole. After everyone in her group had finished performing, Dicko spared Chanel the ‘firing squad’ line-up and sent her straight through to the next stage, telling her, “You are in a different league to everyone else.””

I found a link to a google group discussion about her performance in the last aired episode of Australian Idol.

Chanel Cole! Wow again!

Can’t they just give her the damn prize now? Then I wouldn’t have to sit
through watching all the rest of the generic mediocrity just to see Chanel

PS Does anyone know what the name of the song she sung was?

If anybody knows the answer to the question I too would like to know the name of the song she sang, just leave a comment with the answer for everyone if you have any idea what it was 😉

Lets hope she keeps up the good work.

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Australian Idol Chanel Cole

I missed Australian Idol a few weeks ago and Haesel was telling me about one of the singers that she said was really good.

That singer was Chanel Cole.

The Australian Idol website had this to say about her performance :

Chanel Cole’s performance had Dicko leaping to his feet applauding, and pre-empting Marcia and Mark by saying, “I don’t care about you two, I’m saying yes.”

I don’t know what it is but I just could not get the song out of my head and it ate away at me for days.

When I had a few spare minutes I went on a mission to:

a) Find out what the damn song was
b) Find out more about this Chanel Cole character

Hey it’s what I do …..

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Real American Heroes Budweiser Radio Commercials

These radio ads had me in stitches for hours at work today, so go have a listen right here!

While your at it you might as well enjoy GLEN GLEN GLEN

See if you can figure out what the two ad campaigns have in common 🙂


UPDATE : GLEN GLEN GLEN seems to be down here is a mirror to the file

Update2 : Here is a mirror for the Bud Light ads (this one contains a single zip file with all the mp3s) Click Here