Hello From London

Just as I remembered it.

Caught up with my Uncle David, Helen, Hassan, Greg and Hussein and that was only on the first day. Today I caught up with Sami and I am about to go see Helen again. Tomorrow Sheri is coming down to say hello tis going to be awersomest (yes that is a word).

No real sight seeing as such yet thats for later on in the week.

Got my new camera the day I left Abu Dhabi.

Jesus I have become such a tourist!


Cleaning Up And Packing Up

I’ve started packing my stuff to go off to London, leaving in about 8 hours to Dubai, then from there fly off to London.

The past week has been a blast from the past. Caught up with quite a few friends who I haven’t seen in 6-7 years.

I went for coffee and to a few clubs in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi and it was just a continuos wave after wave of people who I used to know or goto school with. Then there was Dhabia’s wedding which had an insane amount of our old family friends. All good nights and all very surreal.

I unfortunately am no longer in the running for longest time away (Youssef Hayek now holds the title sitting firmly at over 7 years) I am extremely disappointed in myself and the people who encouraged me to come back, but life goes on.

Currently in the process of pruning through and clearing up all the stuff I packed before I left Abu Dhabi those 6 and a bit years ago. The memories that flood back just picking stuff up sometimes is pretty overwhelming.

So far I have found two real items that are definitely coming back with me.

My chocolate tin with all my letters from friends and pen pals from school (yes I had pen pals and yes I used to write letters too, jesus i feel old)
My own personal year book thingie (Really it doesn’t have a name it was simply a school copy book that I got people to write in at the end of ever school year. This book eventually grew to about 3 copy books as the years went by and has probably been the funniest thing I’ve read in ages)

No doubt there will be a lot more stuff that I will bring back but those are definitely in the bag to come back.

Right time to get back to sorting.

P.S. Spanky wanted me to say he is having a laugh and says Hi to all.



In less than 24 hours I will be on a plane making my way to Brunei, from there I will be flying off to Dubai where I will either get picked up or take a cab through to Abu Dhabi.

My bag is semi packed (still got some clothes in the wash). ATM I am doing my damn best to clean up bits of the house (including cutting the damn grass) and just getting things sorted.

I haven’t done this long a journey since I first got to Brisbane about 6 years ago. Since then Ive spent about 8 days (two 4 day trips) in Sydney and 4 days in New Zealand and thats pretty much all my travel time.

I am not a fan of the traveling part. Never have been but it will be good to get to Abu Dhabi and see the family and the place again to see whats changed. Probably nothing I remember will be there but who knows I might be surprised that some of the old dives and hang outs are still alive and well.

I will be eating alot of food this trip.

I’ve got Spanky (the company’s well travelled mascot monkey) packed away already so I should be safe as long as hes with me (he has a black belt in karate and is a master of jujitsu) I should be safe at night with him around.

Olimar will be making the trip too (I am sure that you all breathed a sigh of relief knowing that)

From Abu Dhabi I will then make my way through to London where I hope to catch up with several people who I have kept in touch with from the old school days.

Rest assured that I will be taking my old camera and probably buying a new camera when I am over there so there should be at least one or two decent pics by the time I get back (or while I am there if I have access to a decent net connection)

Anyway enough mumbling theres work to be done, have fun all while I’m gone.

See you all when I get back!


Back From Sydney, Gallery Updated

Just a quick one to let people know I am back from Sydney (*waves*), been back for 4 days now.

The gallery has been updated with some pics.

I used Nadia’s Kodak camera (need to get a new happy snap digital cam) and I was pretty pleased with how the pics came out so I will probably be picking one up when I go back to Abu Dhabi on Sunday.


Henry Rollins, Nine Inch Nails

Went to see Henry Rollins last night.

He Rocked.

Nine Inch Nails Tickets have just been Purchased.

They will rock too.

Its a rock kinda week.

(*rocks on*)


CD Purchases Complete

Just testing out this blogging tool Gary suggested called MarsEdit.

Got all the CD’s I was planing on getting.

There’s nothing more satisfying than buying a stack of CD’s and tearing the packaging off all of them (JB HiFi is notorious for over plastic wrapping their CD’s). Then sitting down listening to them all consecutively while working away at your computer.

The new System Of A Down album is pretty good and Team Sleep was well worth the wait.

It is now time to float away to the sweet soothing sounds of Team Sleep.

Ta Ta.


Its a fact

There are no decent (free) blogging tools for the Mac.

I also plan on picking up a copy of ANTHOLOGY: STATION IS NON OPERATIONAL. It seems to be a best of At The Drive In and I have no idea how this release slipped by me.


Monday is “Spend Money on CD’s Day”


Monday will see the release of the new System of a Down CD (Mesmerize) and the first album from Team Sleep. WOOOOT!!!

I also plan on picking up Bloc Party (who are the band de jour) thanks goes out to Rhiannon for the intro. They are just one of those bands that just grips you because they are mish mash of pretty much everything you like with a nice original and refreshing sprinkle of lemon.

Nine Inch Nails (whose latest album makes me cry sunbeams) has also been confirmed to be performing on the 22nd of August in Brisbane. Tickets go on sale on the 30th of May at 9am. Sadly I will be coming back from Sydney on that day so I wont be able to queue up to get tickets.

I’ll have to try and buy them online when they become available while in Sydney.


Sofa And Bjork

Oh lord I have to have found one of the greatest apps for music on the mac EVAR!!!

Sofa is quite simply the best Itunes remote I have seen (quite a few that i tried are no longer supported). If you have a Mac and use Itunes (what else are you going to use) I would definately recommend checking it out.

On another side note Bjorks latest album Medulla is a work of art that I have not been able to stop listening to since Rhiannon managed to get off her ass and pass on.

If you are into Bjork in any way shape or form you should check it out (It took me a while but I got to listening to it eventually)


Banking On Baghdad

I recently picked up a new book from the Brisbane City Library called Banking On Baghdad by Edwin Black.

It pretty much goes through the past 7000 years of Iraq’s history. I just absolutely love how well written, presented and researched this book is.

In the first 3 chapters it has pretty much answered most of the questions I have asked not only about the region that would become Iraq but the origins of the Arabs and history of Islam in the region.

I haven’t been able to put this book down since I got it.

So far I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that would like to read up on the history or Iraq and how it got to where it has today.

I’ve also got another book called Pity the nation : Lebanon at war by Robert Fisk on hold at the library which looks like it could be quite an interesting read. I was actually looking for one of his other titles Pity The Nation: The Abduction of Lebanon but the library didn’t have that title (hopefully it will be on order or I might just pick it up myself off

For some light hearted political humor I have also got America (the book) : a citizen’s guide to democracy inaction
by John Stewart and The Daily Show Team on hold (I am currently 8th in the queue). We used to download and watch the John Stewart clips during the recent US elections and they had us in stitches so I’m defiantly looking forward to digging into that title 🙂