Seeing as I missed posting a bit of Christmas cheer on the site….

I thought I would wish everyone an early Happy New Year.

Here’s to a more enjoyable and brighter new year 🙂


The Office Christmas Party

Well the office Christmas Party has come and gone.

I have delayed posting about it till everyone got their pics up in their respective galleries.


Half Way Through Spaced And Lazy Weekend

Well I am now half way through my Spaced DVD’s. Season 1 has come and gone. Episode 1 of Season 2 has been watched.

This is my kind of show. The amount of movie references is incredible I find myself pointing and going “That’s from *insert movie name here*” (it even has a homage-o-meter where it tells you which movie is being paid homage to (only on the season 2 DVD though)).


Busy Weekend

  • Friday Night – The Cherrytron Poker Tour Cadbury Classic (Placed Second, didn’t win the grand prize but left with what I brought in)
  • Saturday Night – Billy’s Bucks Night
  • Sunday Night – Recovery

My asthma has been playing up again so I pretty much spent most of Saturday night and Sunday wheezing, coughing and spluttering all over the place.

Ah the joy of asthma.

Will try and scrape up some pics and tales of the weekend some time during the week 🙂


For John

It has been a year to the day since our friend John Mangano passed away.

We love you, we miss you and we will never forget you.


Well its going to happen eventually….

The next time Aaron solves a Rubik’s Cube at work in front of me I will jam it down his throat.

I’ve been sitting here for the past hour trying to wrap my head around the logic on how to unlock the secrets of the cube….it doesn’t seem that hard so WHY CAN’T I DO IT!!!!!

I feel like that guy in Mall Rats who can’t see the damn Sail Boat



Back From New Zealand

Well I have been back in Brisbane for about a week now.

New Zealand was definitely one of the nicest places I’ve seen and the people are just great.

I didn’t get to see much of the place (tourist wise) but hell I saw enough to make me like it 🙂

Several things I managed to do when I was over there

  • Meet my cousins (here is a pic of them bashing me up)
  • See my Uncle and Auntie who I havent seen in years.
  • Hunt down Samer one of my old friends from school.
  • Order and Enjoy Wendys again….that dark mistress of grease filled patties.

Next time I will have to go for at least a week (4 days just is not enough!)

This was my first trip outside of Australia in 6 year, now its time to start planning my next trip (Who knows where I might end up 😉 )


Off to New Zealand

Hey All,

I know I know I said I would update the site more often (I love the distant ring of empty promises)

The site is being bombarded with blog spammers (mostly from China) I am seriously considering simply blocking anyone in China from viewing this site.

As the title so aptly puts it I am off to New Zealand for a few days (read long weekend) with my Dad to visit my Uncle and his Family.

Should be a laugh….must take a photo of a Weta….MUST!

Anyways I’m off.

Will get back into blogging mode when I get back …. I promise 🙂



Thought I would mention…..

That my Masters project documents are freely available on-line at this Flexible Learning page.

It took a whole semester to get through and now its finally out there 🙂

Good to see they made the documents freely available, shame I cant seem to find any of the source code?!?

Time to look through my university backup files for them methinx.


Its Been a while

I know it’s been a while and I will definitely be updating my blog with some more of my riveting tales soon.

Stay Tuned.