So Hot

Its hot here, how hot you might ask.

This hot.

I was in the blackout in Dubai today.

It was hot.



They never got back to me.

I managed to find these so called “Dark Side M&M’s” at Kmart.

They are crunchy M&M’s with Star Wars type prints on them.

To say I am disappointed is an understatement.

Down right MAD would probably be the right term to use.

1) I am MAD because the Ad lied to me. They are not Dark Chocolate.
2) I am MAD because neither Red nor Yellow got back to me in time for me to avoid the hassles of walking around a shopping centre asking people for Dark Side M&M’s
3) I am MAD because I used to love the Dark Side Ad on TV and now every time I see it I am reminded of the grave injustice that has befallen me.

To say that what happened to Anakin when he fell to the Dark Side is nothing in comparison to what Red & Yellow and the collective M&M’s crew have done to me.

I died a little on the inside yesterday.


Email Number 2

Well its been an hour so I thought I would email Yellow just in case.

Hey Yellow,

Just emailed Red.

Sadly he hasn’t got back to me.

I need to know where to get Dark Side M&M’s from.

I’m going to see Revenge of the Sith in about an hour and those Dark Side M&M’s would go great with the movie.

I sure hope Lord Vader didnt hurt Red too bad, I’m worried.

Get back to me dude.

Fingers crossed I get a reply this time.


Dark Side M&M’s

2 hours till everyone at works goes to see Star Wars : Revenge Of The Sith. I still cant find a place that sells the new Dark Side M&M’s (dark chocolate instead of milk)

So I sent an email through to Red at the M&M’s website.

Dear Red

Where can I buy Dark Side M&M’s from, please get back to me in the next two hours as I am going to see the new Star Wars movie at 4pm.


Heres to hoping he gets back to me in time.


A Simple Fact

Sporks own Splades…..nuff said


Trying to find information on voting

Overseas Iraqis votes will be counted in the upcoming Iraqi elections.

I have been trying to find information on voting in Australia and after a bit of searching I believe that the Iraqi Migrants Council would have the information (I have not been able to find any contact details for the organization, I even tried calling the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade with no luck)

According to this article however it would seem that I am out of luck.

As usual Queensland has been overlooked and there will only be polling booths set up in Sydney and Melbourne.

You are required to display proof of eligibility (ie passport or birth certificate to show your father was Iraqi) so it looks like no postal votes will be accepted.

Thats a damn shame.


More handy information here Iraq Out-of-Country Voting which confirms

Registration and polling will be conducted in the following locations: Australia: Melbourne and Sydney

So I guess I will be missing out on this historic occasion


Dear TV Executives

Thanks for ruining TV for the next 3 months. Can you please stop putting on repeats?

We know its summer and you have nothing but crappy new shows to put on but this is ridiculous.

I absolutely can’t wait for the next repeat episode of Seinfeld and The Simpson’s you are going to put on.

Oh boy you mean we get to watch Seinfeld EVERY DAY and get repeats of The Simpson’s 9 times a week?


(*Sighs quietly while channel surfing for something to watch*)


The Tech Support Generation? I can totally relate….

Slashdot refers to an article which suggests we forget about all generational tags (Gen X, Gen Y etc.) and start calling it the Tech Support Generation.

If I had a dollar for every time I went to someones house (for a party, dinner, meeting, dropping off something that my parents had borrowed etc. etc.) and got lumped into fixing their computer I would be living comfortably in the Bahamas with my own personal butler called Rhubarb (what a great name for a butler eh?)

Me: “Rhubarb will you bring the car around?”
Rhubarb : “Certainly sir”

Ah yes lets hold that thought for a few more minutes…..bliss…


New Zempt and Reason for lack of updates

I’m testing out the latest version of Zempt (the tool I use to upload my posts to this blog)

From what I can see there have been several improvements in the UI which makes it alot more usable and it just feels more polished (the spell checker works alot better too)

Now on to the more beefy part of this post.

Why haven’t I been updating the site as often.


Garfield…the movie

I just saw a review on TV for Garfield the movie (I will not be linking to the movies website)

I have not seen this movie. I don’t think I ever will.

The fact that it isn’t animated and Garfield looks like a stuffed doll while Odie is a real dog is just down right wrong. It’s worse than that….it’s down right RUDE.

Oh Well….

[Listening to: Scott Brown’s Mix You’re Shining s@m – 09 Styles & Breeze Bonkers 9 – (5:28)]