It is now nearing midnight on a school night. I am wide awake ingesting the extjs library. I have wanted to play with all the up and coming javascript libraries (mootools, jquery etc.) for quite some time now and today I managed to come up with a way to sneak it into one of the products I support and develop at work. A nice hot cup of tea, The Cure playing in the background and pummeling your way through several example files on how to implement a paging grid using extjs. I ask you, is there anything better than this?


Coming to you live from a wireless Olimar

I managed to get Olimar up and running on the wireless network.

No effort whatsoever involved in this feat.

Sadly both my windows machine and the tivo do not want to recognise the wireless network anymore all I added was a dhcp server to allocate IP’s rather than assigning static IP’s and now neither of the boxes seem to respond properly.

Olimar on the other hand was more than up to the challenge.

I think the tivo may have to go back to a static IP for the time being. I will spend one more day trying to get the tivo reconnected to the wireless network (I am not overly concerned about the windows box as it is dying a slow gruesome death and the wireless drivers are shitty as all hell)

I grow more and more fond of Olimar by the day.


All that is Apple

My first post from the latest addition to our computer family “Olimar”

Yep you guessed it, I got my iBook this afternoon. My lord it is one sexy piece of equipment.

So much to try out and learn. Ah…its like a breathe of fresh air.

I am not going to sit here and brag while others suffer. All I will say is that this will definitely keep my interests up for a while 🙂

Update :

Gallery of the virgin birth is now available here, big thanks to Aaron for the quick thinking of taking photos ( I was waaaaayyy too busy with the surgery of getting the box open to even think about photos 😉 )


It Is Done

My iBook has been ordered.

I am now bursting with fruit flavour.


Going back to my roots

Well I’ve nearly decided.

As many of you know I have been considering picking up a Mac of some description for myself for about a year now.

I have finally decided that I would CONSIDER picking up the iBook 12″ laptop. This is the lowest of the low when it comes to the Apple Laptop line up. However it is Small and still beefy enough to do all sorts of funky things (only down side is it doesn’t come with a burner, but since I am probably getting a DVD burner for my home computer I doubt that would be much of a problem)

The only problem I have is that I will not buy one until I see one.


Gmail & Me

Yes I have finally got my invitation to beta test Gmail and yes I it works as advertised 🙂

I can honestly say I am enjoying it, there is just so much that has been done to improve the way we interact with webmail systems that I will most probably scratch my hotmail account (which I have had for over 6 years) altogether.


Bleh to Google :P

Google hasn’t spidered my site since the 26th of July.

I never thought I would see the day when the MSN bot overtook the Google bot in spidering my site, but now it has.

(*sigh*) Oh sweet sweet google bot where for art though.

P.S. Keep an eye on the Chanel Cole Forum for some more goodies that should be up by early this arvo 🙂


Software that makes you go mmmmm

You know there are some days where you just find that everything you ever wanted to program has already been done by someone else. This is to be expected considering how many programmers there are in the world.

However there are certain developers around the world that take that step further and share their work with everyone else. Most people who know me know I am pretty big on open source and gnu linux (I can see Gary shaking his head in disgust).

Although my current line of work involves VB.NET programming there are still people out there making some damn good open source/free controls that I find myself using every day.

I thought I would give them a heads up and a tip of the hat on a job well done.

NetSpell A free open source control that does spell checking within any .Net Application (I have no idea where I would be without this control especially when it comes to the ESP)

Tim Dawsons .Net Controls quite possibly one of the best set of controls I have used and it sure makes your apps look pretty 😉

Today I came across a set of extensions called The Genghis Project, all I can say is wow what a great package. I spent about a week trying to achieve the same effect of most of these extensions and mine only half worked! You have to wonder why MS just doesn’t add these control features to windows forms.

Recently Aaron has been tinkering with Lucene for various reasons and I have to say this puppy is great. The more time I spend reading up on it and seeing it in action the more I want to get my hands dirty in it.

Anyways enough computer talk, Tivo is taping CSI for me and its time that I catch up on the 15 minutes I’ve just missed 🙂


Howto Bypass Microsoft Word Security

Security Tracker reports how to get a “secured” Microsoft Word document and change the password to a blank field.

As explained on

Thorsten Delbrouck describes in this SecurityTracker post how to bypass Microsoft Office security features:

1.) Open a protected document in MS Word
2.) Save as “Web Page (*.htm; *.html)”, close Word
3.) Open html-document in any Text-Editor
4.) Search “” tag, the line reads something like that: ABCDEF01
5.) keep the “password” in mind
6.) Open original document (.doc) with any hex-editor
7.) search for hex-values of the password (reverse order!)
8.) Overwrite all 4 double-bytes with 0x00, Save, Close
9.) Open document with MS Word, Select “Tools / Unprotect Document” (password is blank)

tsk tsk (*shakes head*)



I want, I NEED.

I can’t wait for series 2 Tivos to be tweaked to work in OZ (*drool*)