First Week Of Full Time Work

Well my first week of full time work as a developer at Dark Blue Sea has finally come to an end.

And how does it feel you might ask… feels damn good.

Some of the fantastic perks of going full time over casual employment:

  1. Standard times of starting and finishing work (9 – 5 is the bees knees baby!!!)
  2. Able to give my brain a bit of exercise (self explanatory)
  3. No more domain categorization (Don’t ask)

Sure there are some things that I will miss from customer care:

  1. The giggles over some of the stylish and “amusing” emails we receive
  2. The great peeps that are fun to be around 24×7 and feel your pain/understand when you have something to get off you chest
  3. The ability to get things done during the week in the day time (I pray for Brisbane to become a 24×7 city)

Ah well, now on to bigger and better things I hope πŸ™‚

Howto Bypass Microsoft Word Security

Security Tracker reports how to get a “secured” Microsoft Word document and change the password to a blank field.

As explained on

Thorsten Delbrouck describes in this SecurityTracker post how to bypass Microsoft Office security features:

1.) Open a protected document in MS Word
2.) Save as “Web Page (*.htm; *.html)”, close Word
3.) Open html-document in any Text-Editor
4.) Search “” tag, the line reads something like that: ABCDEF01
5.) keep the “password” in mind
6.) Open original document (.doc) with any hex-editor
7.) search for hex-values of the password (reverse order!)
8.) Overwrite all 4 double-bytes with 0x00, Save, Close
9.) Open document with MS Word, Select “Tools / Unprotect Document” (password is blank)

tsk tsk (*shakes head*)

New Blog added to Blog Roll

Please welcome AKA The Gaz Man

In a pathetic attempt for higher rankings for his site on google and because he has is kindly providing the webhosting for this site I thought I would pimp out good old Gary’s website (seeing as my google ranking is going through the roof ;), oh yeah playing with the big boys now πŸ™‚ )

So here it is

Just incase you missed it, that’s

If you ever want to visit you can always come back here (hell there may be some new stuff posted) and click on the link in the blog roll to

Enjoy πŸ˜‰

Tired but is now number 5 and rising :)

Hi all,

Been a bit slack with my posts lately, IΒ’m in the middle of a week of morning shifts and its beginning to take its toll (sleep deprivation wise)

What put a little sparkle in my day was checking out google and seeing my ranking for the term houmam has risen to number 5, all the way from number 20 to 5.

Who would have thunk it πŸ™‚


Now to get some banners and pop unders up so I can start making some cash πŸ˜‰

Mario Kart, The Office and Dilbert.

Yes, as many of you will know I finally got Mario Kart. I also got season 2 of The Office and a copy of Dilbert and the Way of the Weasel

Mario Kart is by far one of the best titles to grace the Game Cube, I have been playing now for 4 hours straight and I just can’t stop (*fingers sooooo sore from all the power sliding*)

The Office is just so funny I hurt myself every time I watch it.

And what can one say about Dilbert that hasn’t been said before really πŸ™‚

All round great Christmas methinx πŸ˜‰ hope everyone had a safe and fun Christmas πŸ™‚

Belle De Jour Wins An Award

Well my favorite blog Belle De Jour (Adults Only Please πŸ™‚ ) won an award for Best Written Blog in the Guardians Blog Awards (see results here)

I have been hooked since I started reading her blog in October. Good to see that she is getting the credit she deserves; it is a fantastically well written blog which keeps me smiling.

Credit goes to for introducing me to her work πŸ™‚