Christmas Party Photos

I’ve split the Christmas Party into two galleries one with the go karting and the other with the party at the Norman Park Hotel.

They can be found here

Go Karting

and here

The Norman Park Hotel

There would be a few more photos in the Norman Park Gallery, but someone didn’t want all their photo’s in the gallery (you know who you are ya spoil sport :P)

World News

Saddam Captured

Article 1
Article 2
Article 3
Article 4
Article 5
Article 6

Now back to the news on TV.

(looks like its going to be a good day after all ;0) )


Gallery is up…

You heard me 🙂 check it out (only one test gallery up so far)

Houmam’s Galleries


You know you are having a bad day…..

When you buy a chocolate bar from a vending machine and as you bend over to reach for the chocolatey goodness you see that all the chocolate bars behind the one you purchased are of the brand new 10% extra free variety.


Prepare for Gallery Goodness

Yes, thats right I am finally putting up a gallery, its been long overdue and I have finally found myself in a place where I have the time to finally get one up and running so stay tuned 😉


New Style!!!!

Kudos to Movable Style for the style it looks great 😉

If you are looking for a new style for your Moveble Type blog (and like me you have 0 talent in the design department) then definately check it out 🙂

Kewl Stuff

Human BillBoard

Nothing short of impressive 🙂



(Update : the links are not working, will update when I find a mirror)
(Update2: Mirrors found, links updated)


Archives working

I finally got the archives working, only one little snag (As usual)

The link that links back to the main blog from the archives doesnt want to play nice.

Hopefully this will be the only real issue I have with this new install of MT 🙂


Testing 1,2,3 testing

This is a test to see if its actually working 🙂