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It looks like Saddam isn’t having a good time during his trail (link).

I have to admit I would hate not having clean underwear too.

My heart bleeds….honest.

World News

Abu Mahjoob Cartoon

Its funny how a single drawing can bring up so much emotion. (Click image for larger version)

For those who cant read Arabic the text reads :

Do not cry our bride
Do not cry Amman


What Have U Been Up To

Well the new blog is up and running, the new Gallery is up and running, things are looking good!

So now its time to start with the regular updates.

The number one thing I’ve been asked is “So, what have you been up to lately?”

I thought I would rip out a chunk of my calendar (good old iCal saves the day) and here it is!

  • The Hotel (6 August 2005) – I was very disappointed by this movie unfortunately. I was expecting so much more but got nothing.
  • The Bravery (13 August 2005) – What better way to celebrate my birthday than checking out the band responsible for one of my fave albums of the year with my little sis.
  • Carmels Wedding (20 August 2005) – Fantastic, the celebration of the coming together of two beautiful people.
  • Tamblane (3 September 2005) – Not too bad, not too bad at all. First time at The Rev and a good show to experience it with.
  • Fantomas (10 September 2005) – Third time I have seen them live and they were better than ever, one of the most solid bands I have ever seen perform.
  • Hot Hot Heat (16 September 2005) – Great show, Great Company.
  • Company Boat Trip (23 September 2005) – Its always great when the company comes together for a social event, went on to the wee hours of the night.
  • Maximo Park (29 September 2005) – Couldn’t wait to see these boys from NewCastle and I’m glad I got in early and got tickets! Louder and faster live than they are on the albums.
  • Men Who Stare At Goats (1 October 2005) – A discussion/talk back with Jon Ronson and John Safran, the two of them were scarily alike in their backgrounds, looks and mannerisms.
  • Howls Moving Castle (2 October 2005) – Very different to what I was expecting but I still enjoyed it alot.


So as you can see its been busy busy busy!!!

A few things left to go and I am seriously considering going to the Big Day Out next year (very good line up heading our way)

Well thats that for now, until next time…toodles.


This is a test

The site has been moved to a new server.

Testing 1,2,3 Testing


For John

You will always be remembered.


Cant Sleep So Heres My Trip To Sydney Story

Right its 5:30AM I’ve been up for about an hour now.

I’d say its a mixture of jetlag and lack of wanting to sleep for various reasons.

Sydney was awesome. I clocked off work after lunch and ran home to pack my bags and get everything ready for the flight down (yes I left everything to the last few hours as usual)

Zena, Mona, Nadia and I all managed to get to the flight on time and in typical fashion I was the only person to get stopped for a “random” bag inspection for explosives.


Dolphins Are Gay Sharks

—–^ Best T-Shirt Slogan Evar!!!!!

Saw that one on my treks through Camden Markets in London.

Yes I am back in Abu Dhabi, its hot, its dusty and I am full of food.

The room is pretty much unpacked and I have separated the stuff I want from the stuff I no longer want. Slowly but surely I will start receiving these pieces of my youth though my and family members bags as the years go by.

Its been pretty good going though my stuff. I laughed, I cried, I wondered why I kept alot of it and I regret getting rid of alot of it but there is just not enough room back in the house in Brisbane.

I got alot of pictures from London which I will be uploading in the next few days.

The trip was great I had heaps of fun and bought lots of goodies. Sadly my package from Amazon didn’t get to me on time so it will be sent through to Australia by my Uncle when it finally gets there (hopefully shortly after I get back)

Me and Spanky parted ways in London, he is now off to our hosts in the US where he will meet up with Billy and go around with him on his travels and then off to the Tokyo Expo.

It was sad to see him go since he was my travel buddy throughout the trek. Introducing him to all my friends and family was an experience I shall always cherish. Its just not the same without his eyes watching over me while I sleep.

Right enough of all this sentimental stuff its time to head off to bed, nite all.


Coming To You Live From Helens House

WOOOO internet. The Morgan family have kindly invited me to hang about with them this weekend so its time for some well deserved R&R.

I am alive and well and having a blast in nodnoL.

I should be making my way up to Hull then Middlesbrough by early next week (which should be fun)

I hate you all for going to Wil Andersons secret show and I hate Team Sleep for touring Australia while I am not there.

Me == ultra peeved.

At least I have finally found and successfully drank about 4-5 cans of Tizer which I have discovered is simply red coloring with fizzy water that stains (seriously thats all it says on the can). I relive my childhood with every sip of that tooth rotting drink it really is that good.

Ta Ta for now


Hello From London

Just as I remembered it.

Caught up with my Uncle David, Helen, Hassan, Greg and Hussein and that was only on the first day. Today I caught up with Sami and I am about to go see Helen again. Tomorrow Sheri is coming down to say hello tis going to be awersomest (yes that is a word).

No real sight seeing as such yet thats for later on in the week.

Got my new camera the day I left Abu Dhabi.

Jesus I have become such a tourist!


Cleaning Up And Packing Up

I’ve started packing my stuff to go off to London, leaving in about 8 hours to Dubai, then from there fly off to London.

The past week has been a blast from the past. Caught up with quite a few friends who I haven’t seen in 6-7 years.

I went for coffee and to a few clubs in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi and it was just a continuos wave after wave of people who I used to know or goto school with. Then there was Dhabia’s wedding which had an insane amount of our old family friends. All good nights and all very surreal.

I unfortunately am no longer in the running for longest time away (Youssef Hayek now holds the title sitting firmly at over 7 years) I am extremely disappointed in myself and the people who encouraged me to come back, but life goes on.

Currently in the process of pruning through and clearing up all the stuff I packed before I left Abu Dhabi those 6 and a bit years ago. The memories that flood back just picking stuff up sometimes is pretty overwhelming.

So far I have found two real items that are definitely coming back with me.

My chocolate tin with all my letters from friends and pen pals from school (yes I had pen pals and yes I used to write letters too, jesus i feel old)
My own personal year book thingie (Really it doesn’t have a name it was simply a school copy book that I got people to write in at the end of ever school year. This book eventually grew to about 3 copy books as the years went by and has probably been the funniest thing I’ve read in ages)

No doubt there will be a lot more stuff that I will bring back but those are definitely in the bag to come back.

Right time to get back to sorting.

P.S. Spanky wanted me to say he is having a laugh and says Hi to all.