So Hot

Its hot here, how hot you might ask.

This hot.

I was in the blackout in Dubai today.

It was hot.

Kewl Stuff

More time wasting

Quite possibly one of the most addictive flash games ever Leo Steel



In less than 24 hours I will be on a plane making my way to Brunei, from there I will be flying off to Dubai where I will either get picked up or take a cab through to Abu Dhabi.

My bag is semi packed (still got some clothes in the wash). ATM I am doing my damn best to clean up bits of the house (including cutting the damn grass) and just getting things sorted.

I haven’t done this long a journey since I first got to Brisbane about 6 years ago. Since then Ive spent about 8 days (two 4 day trips) in Sydney and 4 days in New Zealand and thats pretty much all my travel time.

I am not a fan of the traveling part. Never have been but it will be good to get to Abu Dhabi and see the family and the place again to see whats changed. Probably nothing I remember will be there but who knows I might be surprised that some of the old dives and hang outs are still alive and well.

I will be eating alot of food this trip.

I’ve got Spanky (the company’s well travelled mascot monkey) packed away already so I should be safe as long as hes with me (he has a black belt in karate and is a master of jujitsu) I should be safe at night with him around.

Olimar will be making the trip too (I am sure that you all breathed a sigh of relief knowing that)

From Abu Dhabi I will then make my way through to London where I hope to catch up with several people who I have kept in touch with from the old school days.

Rest assured that I will be taking my old camera and probably buying a new camera when I am over there so there should be at least one or two decent pics by the time I get back (or while I am there if I have access to a decent net connection)

Anyway enough mumbling theres work to be done, have fun all while I’m gone.

See you all when I get back!


Back From Sydney, Gallery Updated

Just a quick one to let people know I am back from Sydney (*waves*), been back for 4 days now.

The gallery has been updated with some pics.

I used Nadia’s Kodak camera (need to get a new happy snap digital cam) and I was pretty pleased with how the pics came out so I will probably be picking one up when I go back to Abu Dhabi on Sunday.


Henry Rollins, Nine Inch Nails

Went to see Henry Rollins last night.

He Rocked.

Nine Inch Nails Tickets have just been Purchased.

They will rock too.

Its a rock kinda week.

(*rocks on*)


CD Purchases Complete

Just testing out this blogging tool Gary suggested called MarsEdit.

Got all the CD’s I was planing on getting.

There’s nothing more satisfying than buying a stack of CD’s and tearing the packaging off all of them (JB HiFi is notorious for over plastic wrapping their CD’s). Then sitting down listening to them all consecutively while working away at your computer.

The new System Of A Down album is pretty good and Team Sleep was well worth the wait.

It is now time to float away to the sweet soothing sounds of Team Sleep.

Ta Ta.


Its a fact

There are no decent (free) blogging tools for the Mac.

I also plan on picking up a copy of ANTHOLOGY: STATION IS NON OPERATIONAL. It seems to be a best of At The Drive In and I have no idea how this release slipped by me.


Monday is “Spend Money on CD’s Day”


Monday will see the release of the new System of a Down CD (Mesmerize) and the first album from Team Sleep. WOOOOT!!!

I also plan on picking up Bloc Party (who are the band de jour) thanks goes out to Rhiannon for the intro. They are just one of those bands that just grips you because they are mish mash of pretty much everything you like with a nice original and refreshing sprinkle of lemon.

Nine Inch Nails (whose latest album makes me cry sunbeams) has also been confirmed to be performing on the 22nd of August in Brisbane. Tickets go on sale on the 30th of May at 9am. Sadly I will be coming back from Sydney on that day so I wont be able to queue up to get tickets.

I’ll have to try and buy them online when they become available while in Sydney.



They never got back to me.

I managed to find these so called “Dark Side M&M’s” at Kmart.

They are crunchy M&M’s with Star Wars type prints on them.

To say I am disappointed is an understatement.

Down right MAD would probably be the right term to use.

1) I am MAD because the Ad lied to me. They are not Dark Chocolate.
2) I am MAD because neither Red nor Yellow got back to me in time for me to avoid the hassles of walking around a shopping centre asking people for Dark Side M&M’s
3) I am MAD because I used to love the Dark Side Ad on TV and now every time I see it I am reminded of the grave injustice that has befallen me.

To say that what happened to Anakin when he fell to the Dark Side is nothing in comparison to what Red & Yellow and the collective M&M’s crew have done to me.

I died a little on the inside yesterday.


Email Number 2

Well its been an hour so I thought I would email Yellow just in case.

Hey Yellow,

Just emailed Red.

Sadly he hasn’t got back to me.

I need to know where to get Dark Side M&M’s from.

I’m going to see Revenge of the Sith in about an hour and those Dark Side M&M’s would go great with the movie.

I sure hope Lord Vader didnt hurt Red too bad, I’m worried.

Get back to me dude.

Fingers crossed I get a reply this time.