Dark Side M&M’s

2 hours till everyone at works goes to see Star Wars : Revenge Of The Sith. I still cant find a place that sells the new Dark Side M&M’s (dark chocolate instead of milk)

So I sent an email through to Red at the M&M’s website.

Dear Red

Where can I buy Dark Side M&M’s from, please get back to me in the next two hours as I am going to see the new Star Wars movie at 4pm.


Heres to hoping he gets back to me in time.


A Simple Fact

Sporks own Splades…..nuff said


Sofa And Bjork

Oh lord I have to have found one of the greatest apps for music on the mac EVAR!!!

Sofa is quite simply the best Itunes remote I have seen (quite a few that i tried are no longer supported). If you have a Mac and use Itunes (what else are you going to use) I would definately recommend checking it out.

On another side note Bjorks latest album Medulla is a work of art that I have not been able to stop listening to since Rhiannon managed to get off her ass and pass on.

If you are into Bjork in any way shape or form you should check it out (It took me a while but I got to listening to it eventually)


Coming to you live from a wireless Olimar

I managed to get Olimar up and running on the wireless network.

No effort whatsoever involved in this feat.

Sadly both my windows machine and the tivo do not want to recognise the wireless network anymore all I added was a dhcp server to allocate IP’s rather than assigning static IP’s and now neither of the boxes seem to respond properly.

Olimar on the other hand was more than up to the challenge.

I think the tivo may have to go back to a static IP for the time being. I will spend one more day trying to get the tivo reconnected to the wireless network (I am not overly concerned about the windows box as it is dying a slow gruesome death and the wireless drivers are shitty as all hell)

I grow more and more fond of Olimar by the day.


All that is Apple

My first post from the latest addition to our computer family “Olimar”

Yep you guessed it, I got my iBook this afternoon. My lord it is one sexy piece of equipment.

So much to try out and learn. Ah…its like a breathe of fresh air.

I am not going to sit here and brag while others suffer. All I will say is that this will definitely keep my interests up for a while 🙂

Update :

Gallery of the virgin birth is now available here, big thanks to Aaron for the quick thinking of taking photos ( I was waaaaayyy too busy with the surgery of getting the box open to even think about photos 😉 )


It Is Done

My iBook has been ordered.

I am now bursting with fruit flavour.


Going back to my roots

Well I’ve nearly decided.

As many of you know I have been considering picking up a Mac of some description for myself for about a year now.

I have finally decided that I would CONSIDER picking up the iBook 12″ laptop. This is the lowest of the low when it comes to the Apple Laptop line up. However it is Small and still beefy enough to do all sorts of funky things (only down side is it doesn’t come with a burner, but since I am probably getting a DVD burner for my home computer I doubt that would be much of a problem)

The only problem I have is that I will not buy one until I see one.


Banking On Baghdad

I recently picked up a new book from the Brisbane City Library called Banking On Baghdad by Edwin Black.

It pretty much goes through the past 7000 years of Iraq’s history. I just absolutely love how well written, presented and researched this book is.

In the first 3 chapters it has pretty much answered most of the questions I have asked not only about the region that would become Iraq but the origins of the Arabs and history of Islam in the region.

I haven’t been able to put this book down since I got it.

So far I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that would like to read up on the history or Iraq and how it got to where it has today.

I’ve also got another book called Pity the nation : Lebanon at war by Robert Fisk on hold at the library which looks like it could be quite an interesting read. I was actually looking for one of his other titles Pity The Nation: The Abduction of Lebanon but the library didn’t have that title (hopefully it will be on order or I might just pick it up myself off

For some light hearted political humor I have also got America (the book) : a citizen’s guide to democracy inaction
by John Stewart and The Daily Show Team on hold (I am currently 8th in the queue). We used to download and watch the John Stewart clips during the recent US elections and they had us in stitches so I’m defiantly looking forward to digging into that title 🙂


Seeing as I missed posting a bit of Christmas cheer on the site….

I thought I would wish everyone an early Happy New Year.

Here’s to a more enjoyable and brighter new year 🙂


Trying to find information on voting

Overseas Iraqis votes will be counted in the upcoming Iraqi elections.

I have been trying to find information on voting in Australia and after a bit of searching I believe that the Iraqi Migrants Council would have the information (I have not been able to find any contact details for the organization, I even tried calling the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade with no luck)

According to this article however it would seem that I am out of luck.

As usual Queensland has been overlooked and there will only be polling booths set up in Sydney and Melbourne.

You are required to display proof of eligibility (ie passport or birth certificate to show your father was Iraqi) so it looks like no postal votes will be accepted.

Thats a damn shame.


More handy information here Iraq Out-of-Country Voting which confirms

Registration and polling will be conducted in the following locations: Australia: Melbourne and Sydney

So I guess I will be missing out on this historic occasion